About Paul Hastings

I worked most of my career in Silicon Valley hi-tech and financial services but found most satisfaction in my hobbies, making fine furniture and taking pictures.  Woodworking taught me respect for raw materials, the beauty of wood itself.  I gained the same respect for nature's beauty.  So with experience, my challenge has been to build on, to highlight nature's beauty while staying true to its reality.

I particularly enjoy capturing an image so that it communicates my impressions of the scene, tells a story.  As such, my pictures here are almost always literal.  With minimal editing they portray the beauty I saw.    When I browse through my website, I recall sounds, scents, impressions from the moments I clicked the shutter. 

I hope some will bring back similar fond memories for you.

Several years ago, fed up by my inability to create prints that matched my digital images, I decided to study and learn the workflow elements of fine art inkjet printing.  After a lot of effort, trial and error, and enough discarded prints to be on a first-name basis with local recyclers, I'm ready to offer some of my work on this website.  

All Gallery images on my website are printable and available in various sizes.  I control the process from image capture to final print.

Next to each image you'll find a link "More Info/Order."  If you're interested, click on it for additional information about the image.

And finally, if you have any comments or questions, please contact me.