About Paul Hastings

I worked most of my career in Silicon Valley hi-tech and financial services but found most personal satisfaction in making fine furniture and taking pictures. 

Awed by the stunning beauty of nature, I try to communicate its character using sweeping panoramas and intimate vignettes.  Landscapes are almost always literal, with minimal editing.   On the other hand, you'll find STUDIO compositions are often a bit more abstract, where the intent is to create a unique composition.

Several years ago, fed up by my inability to create prints that matched my digital images, I decided to learn more about fine art inkjet printing.  Lots of reading, watching YouTube courses, trial and error, a bucket of empty ink cartridges, and enough discarded prints to be on a first-name basis with local recyclers, I'm ready to offer prints on 1066PhotographicArt.com.  Enjoy!  

All Gallery images are printable and available in various sizes, some really large.  I control the process from image capture to final print.

Next to each image you'll find a link "More Info".   Click on it for additional information about the image, or pricing and size availability.

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