My Branches Series features small tree and bush branches found in and around San Jose, California selected for their commonality and beauty.  In other words, they're around us and close by, but so often overlooked in our busy lives.  The current selections emphasize foliage that is just beginning to sport its Fall colors photographed against a common background in studio.

Images from the collection may be creatively grouped in a number of ways.  For example, shown above is a 1x3 grid composed of 12'x12" images printed out as a 15"x42" panel with 1 1/2" borders.  Choose any three images from any print collection for this panorama.


Another display arrangement here made up of four 12"x12" framed prints.  All images in this series may be printed in bordered (shown above) or borderless format, then individually framed and arranged in a number of alternative formats using any number of components.

2x2 Wall Mount  

Note the smaller image size; one of many print options available.

For more detailed information about print care, the materials and tools I use, click here for More Technical Info.

Prints are available in a wide selection of sizes and mounting options, one of which is shown above.  Contact me HERE if you'd like more information.