The Story Behind


Come with me

Stroll through the aspens

We'll taste the scents of last summer, damp under our feet

And walk among trees rustling on Sierra's gentle breeze

Golden leaves dancing in crystal afternoon light

Come with me

Sierra Aspens

Often associated with the Rockies, high altitude groves of aspens also flourish in areas of the Sierras.  Just south of Lake Tahoe in the High Sierra meadow named Hope Valley, many  groves of aspens dot the periphery.   As Fall brings shorter days and cooling temperatures, aspen leaves take on taxi cab yellow color.  Not all trees in a grove change color at the same time; in larger groves it's typical to find colors ranging from summer green to yellow, to orange, then brown, and finally bare limbs.  This print and related panorama capture all these variations.

My wife and I often make a Fall camping pilgrimage to Hope Valley so that we can recharge and get our fill of eastern fall foliage.  Thankfully the recent wildfires spared this beautiful valley.

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