The Typewriter

My neighbor found this family heirloom.  It's very old.  Probably pre-1940, but no dates can be found.  It's a Corona--not sure they're still in business--folds up when not in use, very small and very lightweight.  No rust or corrosion, everything works smoothly.  The carrying case is about the size of two shoe boxes put together, and I doubt it weighs more than a few pounds. 

I kind of imagine it might have been used by a WW 1 war correspondent behind the lines in France holed up at some half-destroyed country hotel, lantern flickering moonless night. 

Or maybe long ago an itinerant journalist somewhere in western Canada pecked out a story in his hotel room.  Cigarette smoke swirling around, a pile of butts in the ash tray nearby, he'd type out today's story then walk downstairs to the lobby, ask for a phone and call in the story.  If no phone he'd have to find a Western Union office telegraph it in.  No voracious 24 hour news broadcasts.  No Internet, no word processing, no laptops. 

So many images come to mind....